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What I mean by thought is, in its broad sense, the practice of research and curiosity, which then motivates reflection and is followed by action.

In this field lie the areas of my work in which I am not usually involved as a performer, but where my contribution is made in terms of mapping, designing and organizing artistic or cultural events of various kinds. It is in this field of thought that my imagination is allowed a greater freedom and interchangeability between various arts and disciplines.

The most complete multidisciplinary curatorial projects I have carried out so far were Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen's centennial celebrations (1919-2019) held at Hall of Biodiversity and Botanical Garden of Porto, along with the cycle A Boca do Lobo in Lux Frágil, albeit having been truncated due to the pandemic of Covid-19, but which is intended to resume as soon as possibile.

Through the act of thinking I try to push myself further and draw audiences closer, opening doors and stretching out new paths.